Arshack, Hajek & Lehrman

New York v. Alain Robert

No Felony Charges For French Spiderman

We defended Alain Robert, the “French Spiderman,” who made headlines in 2008 after successfully climbing the 52-story New York Times Building and hanging a banner to draw attention to global warming.
Sometimes the best that a person can do is to shine a light on our ailing world and hope that people in power and people who vote take notice.Daniel N. Arshack
Mr. Robert turned to us after he was arrested at the top and charged with serious felonies. We carefully prepared him to testify before the grand jury as they considered the charges against him.

After hearing Mr. Robert’s testimony, the grand jury decided to reduce the felony charges to minor non-criminal violations, since no one was put at risk by his daredevil behavior. We arranged for him to do community service with GreenPeace as his penance. ■