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Corporate financial crime defense

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If we can solve a client’s problem without charges ever being brought, that’s the grand slam our clients seek, and we regularly achieve thatDaniel N. Arshack
We have successfully defended accounting firms, hedge funds, restaurants, software companies, and other businesses against allegations of fraud and other financial crimes, often starting before any charges have been filed. Our early intervention and aggressive strategy allows us to gather evidence when it matters the most. We interact with law enforcement and prosecutors from the earliest moment. Our early role in internal investigations into corporate financial misconduct, embezzlement or other types of financial crimes can often eliminate the threat of prosecution altogether.
Case samples
  • We defended a major New York contractor under investigation for failure to pay prevailing wages under a New York City contract. Our investigation demonstrated that the discrepancy was far less than had been alleged and the business was able to continue its work without interruption.
  • We defended a nurse who had been charged with the sexual abuse of a disabled patient. After carefully listening to our client’s description of his interaction with the patient and coming to a full understanding of the patient’s medical condition, we concluded, with the help of a medical expert, that the patient was suffering from a known psychiatric phenomena of individuals suffering from that particular illness who received a particular medication regimen. We were able to convince the prosecutor that the complaining witness was suffering from a drug induced psychosis and the case was dismissed against our client.
  • We defended a major New York City hospital in a grand jury investigation conducted by the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office. After months of parsing evidence and providing arguments to the prosecutors why no criminal activity had occurred, they finally agreed with us and dropped the investigation completely.
  • We defended a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation under investigation by the City of New York for fundraising activities it had organized to support a public school. By closely analyzing all of the finances associated with the school, we were able to demonstrate that no illegality had occurred and no charges were brought.