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Protecting patients’ rights in abuse cases


Those professionals who are in a superior power position, relative to their clients, patients, students and religious members, have an ethical and legal responsibility to protect and avoid exploiting those who look to them for help and support. When that trust is violated, those professionals must pay a heavy price.Daniel N. Arshack
We protect the rights of patients and other individuals who have been abused by doctors, therapists, religious counselors, professors, and other figures in positions of power. It takes great courage for our clients to come forward and acknowledge the fact that they were victimized. That step is the first towards no longer being a victim.
Case samples
  • We defended the rights of a married couple whose marriage counselor engaged in a sexual affair with the wife while treating the wife. The case settled for $200,000 before suit was filed.
  • We defended the rights of a married couple whose psychiatrist had abused his position of authority and trust by manipulating the wife into a sexual relationship. We negotiated a $450,000 settlement before suit was filed.
  • We defended the rights of a female patient who was seduced into a sexual relationship with her gastroenterologist while still his patient. Ultimately, the defendant offered to settle the matter for a payment of $300,000.
  • We defended the rights of a gay man who was coerced into a sexual relationship by his infectious disease physician. We negotiated a relinquishment of the physician’s medical license and a payment of $250,000.