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Professional licensing and disciplinary actions


Our lawyers have worked hard to earn their deserved reputation for excellent representation on our clients’ behalf, and we have an extraordinarily impressive record of successful outcomes. In all aspects of our practice, we are committed to high-quality, principled, and professional legal services.Daniel N. Arshack
We take great pride in representing physicians, nurses, midwives, hospitals and lawyers in disciplinary actions before professional licensing boards. We defend clients in difficult high-stakes cases in which the livelihood of our client is at risk. We know how hard you have worked to achieve the professional credentials upon which you and your family depend. In case after case, taking the time to fully investigate and understand the facts has permitted us to protect those credentials.
Case samples
  • We defended a physician charged by the Office of Professional Medical Conduct with dispensing dozens of narcotics to friends and family members without establishing patient relationships with any of the people receiving drugs and without maintaining medical records. We negotiated a brief suspension of the physician’s license and his ability to resume practicing is undisturbed.
  • We defended a lawyer who had been charged by the Disciplinary Committee with erratic behavior in court, abandoning clients and a series of serious arrests. We discerned that the lawyer’s alcoholism had contributed to the problem and instead of the losing her license we enrolled the lawyer in a treatment program, negotiated a peer monitoring arrangement and assisted the lawyer to resume her successful practice of law.
  • We defended a nurse who faced license revocation after she was criminally charged with writing fake prescriptions for narcotics on stolen prescription pads and filling those prescriptions at a hospital pharmacy. The nurse’s addiction to these narcotics had precipitated her illegal conduct. We convinced the prosecutor to dismiss the criminal charges and negotiated with the licensing agency to maintain the nurse’s license and permit her to enroll in a drug counseling program with on site monitoring of her performance on the job.