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Violent crime defense

State and Federal Felonies

Being charged with a crime is often the most defining moment in a person’s life. We recognize how such an allegation can turn our clients’ lives upside down. Our clients benefit from our early and aggressive investigation of their cases. We win by being prepared.Daniel N. Arshack
We have successfully defended clients in all walks of life—physicians, lawyers, politicians, teachers, mechanics, homemakers—against allegations of murder, robbery, burglary, domestic violence, assault, weapon violations, and other violent felonies and misdemeanors.

It can happen to anyone. We work hard to slow down the prosecution and take the time to build a complete and effective defense, so you can put your life back together.
Case samples
  • We defended a young man charged with the armed robbery of a car wash. The robbery was caught on surveillance video. The young man was seen and arrested in the vicinity of the car wash and was identified by the victim of the robbery. Although the individual in the video looked remarkably like our client, our careful review of the footage and our discussions with our client convinced us that we could prove that the man on the video was not our client. We had an expert in photogrammetry examine the footage, go to the scene to take very specific measurements of the scene, and develop compelling evidence that the individual on the videotape was several inches taller than our client. On the eve of trial, the prosecutor dismissed the case.
  • We defended a man charged with the homicide of his upstairs neighbor and the attempted homicide of another upstairs neighbor. He was arrested exiting his apartment building carrying items from the deceased man’s apartment and the surviving neighbor identified him as the attacker. After a multi-week trial, during which we detailed the errors of the police investigation and the bias of the eyewitness, the jury determined that it could not find guilt beyond a reasonable doubt and our client was acquitted.
  • We defended a client charged with physically abusing his partner. By conducting a vigorous investigation of the complainant we were able to discover electronic records that established that she had communicated her intention to frame our client in an effort to obtain a favorable settlement of joint property claims against him. The client was acquitted at trial.