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New York White Collar Crime Defense

I have purposefully devoted my entire career to keeping my clients out of prison. I take great pride in the fact that, in my 30+ years protecting people, I have never put anyone behind bars as either a prosecutor or government counsel.Daniel N. Arshack
With offices in New York and London, we have successfully defended the rights of Wall Street bankers, investors, executives, and other white collar workers in cases involving securities fraud, financial crimes, money laundering, arms dealing, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violations, business loss, and conspiracy charges.

Our depth of experience and willingness to make the effort to fully investigate and understand the factual minutiae of each case consistently yield successful outcomes. We even the playing field by never—never—passing on an opportunity to advocate for our client. Our dedication to our client is complete.

Case samples
  • We defended a prominent hedge fund manager who had been charged with securities fraud after the 2008 market crash. After several months of close analysis, we were able to demonstrate to and convince the federal prosecutors that, far from defrauding anyone, our client made money for most of his investors, while only those who had timed their investments poorly lost money. The prosecutor ultimately dismissed all of the fraud charges. Read more →
  • We defended a contractor who was under investigation for allegedly participating in a scheme to defraud the government of 2.5 million dollars. After an analysis by our forensic accountant, we were able to convince federal agents to drop their case against our client and instead focus on other individuals.
  • We defended a telecommunications executive charged with participating in a bribery scheme involving kickbacks to vendors. By focusing on the details and examining all of the various invoices and payments, we were able to demonstrate that the vast majority of questioned transactions were legitimate. Most charges were dismissed and our client resumed his business.
  • We defended a prominent California businessman in an FBI investigation into the bribery of high-ranking Azerbaijani officials in violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. After conducting a detailed investigation, we presented such compelling evidence to the government that the prosecutor abandoned the case before our client was ever indicted.
  • We defended a Canadian charged in New York Federal Court with money laundering in the United States. After convincing the federal prosecutor to reduce the charge to a banking violation, our client returned home to Canada.