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Commercial litigation


Our clients know us to be able, tenacious, consistently ready and affordable. We are efficient, creative, responsive and cost effective. We maintain excellent working relationships with judges and colleagues on both sides of the table and are therefore able to address issues quickly and effectively without the smoke blowing, which often interferes with a prompt resolution.Daniel N. Arshack
We have successfully represented businesses of all sizes, from family-owned companies to international investment firms, in a wide variety of commercial disputes, including claims for intellectual property infringement, breach of contract, premises liability, and general negligence.

We understand that your business is your lifeblood. We have worked hard to earn our deserved reputation for excellent representation on our clients’ behalf, and we have an extraordinarily impressive record of successful outcomes. In all aspects of our practice, we are committed to high-quality, principled, and professional and affordable legal services.

Case samples
  • We defended a German investment firm in federal court in New York against claims of trademark violations and breach of contract. All claims were dismissed. Read more →
  • We negotiated a resolution of the conflicting claims of joint owners of a property whose business interests had diverged.
  • We defended a software developer against claims of breach of contract by a competitor. All claims were dismissed by the court.
  • We represented the interests of a part owner of several interlocking family owned LLC’s. Sued on various fraud and derivative theories to re-apportion the properties and share profits which had been denied to our client. We achieved the precise goals of the client and our attorney’s fees were paid by adversary.
  • We won summary judgment dismissing the case against a landowner facing personal injury claims after a window washer fell out of a window three stories up and sustained multiple serious injuries.
  • We represented a hospital in a claim against it by a prospective employee for expenses associated with travel to apply for employment. At trial, the jury returned a verdict in favor of our client.
  • We defended a commercial tenant that was sued by a customer who had been struck and injured by a ceiling fan. Our representation resulted in the co-defendant landlord indemnifying our client and taking over the entire defense with no payout by our client.
  • We defended a commercial landowner in slip-and-fall matter after the plaintiff slipped and fell on a wet floor in a spa. We successfully negotiated to have the co-defendant tenant take over the entire defense of the matter with no payout by our client.
  • We won summary judgment dismissing the case against a landowner in a personal injury matter after a construction worker lost three fingers while working with a power saw on the client’s property. Summary judgment was affirmed on appeal.