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Healthcare crime defense


We are known as aggressive, tenacious and creative defenders. We give all the time and attention that your case requires because we know that the issues you are addressing are likely the most important and most stressful issues you have ever addressed in your life.Daniel N. Arshack
As a physician, midwife, nurse, social worker or hospital administrator, if you have come under investigation or actually been charged with a crime, you need to act rapidly to protect yourself, your family, your business and your assets. We have found that early intervention can often result in criminal cases being dropped all together.

We know that mistakes occur and sometimes errors of judgment happen as well, but branding those events as criminal is often unfair and just wrong. Having strong, aggressive and creative defense counsel involved at the earliest moment of your case can significantly shift the odds in your favor.

Case samples
  • We defended a physician charged by the Office of Professional Medical Conduct with dispensing dozens of narcotics to friends and family members without establishing patient relationships with any of the people receiving drugs and without maintaining medical records. We negotiated a brief suspension of the physician’s license and his ability to resume practicing is undisturbed.
  • We defended a nurse who had been charged with the sexual abuse of a disabled patient. After carefully listening to our client’s description of his interaction with the patient and coming to a full understanding of the patient’s medical condition, we concluded, with the help of a medical expert, that the patient was suffering from a known psychiatric phenomena of individuals suffering from that particular illness who received a particular medication regimen. We were able to convince the prosecutor that the complaining witness was suffering from a drug induced psychosis and the case was dismissed against our client.
  • We defended a physician who came to us after being contacted by the FBI, which insisted that the physician was involved in a kickback scheme involving his prescription activities. After a thorough examination of all of the evidence, including several videos of our client interacting with the undercover pharmaceutical representative, we presented our legal analysis and findings and conclusions to the government and successfully argued that no case could be proven against our client. The case was dropped.
  • We defended a nurse who faced license revocation after she was criminally charged with writing fake prescriptions for narcotics on stolen prescription pads and filling those prescriptions at a hospital pharmacy. The nurse’s addiction to these narcotics had precipitated her illegal conduct. We convinced the prosecutor to dismiss the criminal charges and negotiated with the licensing agency to maintain the nurse’s license and permit her to enroll in a drug counseling program with on site monitoring of her performance on the job.